Artero-Flash Shine Conditioner


Conditioner and shine enhancer for dogs and cats in spray

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Rinse aid and easy brushing spray. Indispensable in any dog โ€‹โ€‹grooming salon. With an immediate effect, it provides an extraordinary shine and conditioning effect.

In short-haired dogs, it is capable of illuminating and providing a silky touch to the most punished coats in a few seconds. It is an express aid for brushing coats that we do not want to break thanks to the ease with which the brush glides through the hair due to the silky film it provides.

Ideal complement in dog groomers before delivery, with an application and brushing we will be able to control static electricity, provide a final touch of shine and an elegant and unmistakable fragrance that will help to retain our customers.

Artero’s hair softener spray for dogs and cats will give your pet a coat worthy of envy.

If you want him to keep it, get this animal grooming product. It will provide an enviable shine and softness to your pet’s hair and is suitable for any breed.

Since it does not have mink oil, this spray for animals does not generate grease and it is more difficult for the hair to spoil if you use it . Eliminates the strongest tangles and makes brushing a much easier and more bearable task.

After a few days of using it, you will notice the beneficial effects and you will see that brushing your pet becomes an easy task.

Eliminates so frequent and unpleasant static electricity after washing.


– Spray conditioner for dogs and cats, facilitates brushing without breaking the hair. In just a few seconds it provides an extraordinary shine without caking. The final result is a surprising shine and an elegant and unmistakable fragrance.
Extra shine contribution. Helps daily detangling
– Eliminates static electricity or frizz. Protects hair from pollution for longer. Application on dry hair. Suitable for all breeds. Immediate effect. It does not need rinsing.
– Non-greasy Spray, 300 ml
– Softener for dogs and cats of all types of hair.
– Provides ideal shine and softness.
– Get rid of tangles easily and without generating fat.
– Eliminate static electricity.

Dimethicone: Non-greasy conditioning active ingredient that provides a silky effect to all types of coats due to its film-forming properties, creating an invisible, highly lubricious and water-repellent film that allows the coat to maintain manageability for longer .
Its high refractive index gives the coat a long-lasting shine.
Cyclomethicone: Detangling active.
*Artero Cosmetics does not contain mink oil.
Spray a light regular film over the entire coat at a minimum distance of 50cm. Then brush the coat in favour of the skin to finish distributing it.

On dry hair: Shake previously.
Apply the spray throughout the coat to about 25cm.
Brush in layers or comb through.
Also suitable for moistening before cutting.

On wet hair: Shake beforehand.
Use after bathing and towel drying.
Apply Spray about 25cm throughout the coat.
Brush opening layers and removing tangles.
Do not clarify.
Then dry with a blow dryer or expeller.

Available size: 300ml [H634]


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