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Flea & Tick – Spot On Treatment
Product Form – Spot On
Targeted Pest – Flea,Heartworm,Hookworm,Lice,Lungworm,Roundworm,Scabies
Health Benefits – External Parasite Protection,Internal Parasite Protection
Life Stages – All Life Stages
Categories – Flea & Tick



Advocate® kills fleas on contact – without biting:

Less biting means less risk of transmission of FAD and pathogens.

Studies have shown that Advocate® kills fleas easily and without biting1, so that fleas have little chance of transmitting pathogens in most cases. The risk of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), the most common skin disease seen in companion animal activities in most parts of the world, is also lowered by successful flea prevention.


In an upright position, hold the pipette, and twist to take the cap off. Reverse the cap and use it to twist the seal out of the pipette and loosen it.

For dogs up to 25kg:
Separate the coat between the shoulder blades with the dog in a standing position until the skin is clear. Wherever possible refer to undamaged skin. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and firmly press the pipette several times to empty the contents of the pipette directly into the skin.

For dogs of more than 25kg:
For simple application the dog should be standing. The entire contents of the pipette should be applied uniformly from between the shoulders to the base of the tail at 3 or 4 spots along the top of the back. At each spot, part the coat until the skin is clear. Apply to the undamaged skin whenever possible. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze the pipette gently to directly eject a portion of its contents onto the skin. Do not apply an excessive quantity of solution at any one point, as this might cause some of the product to run down the side of the animal.


Avoid contact with skin, eyes or mouth.
Wash hands thoroughly after use.
After application do not stroke or groom animals until the application site is dry.
Do not eat, drink or smoke during application.
In case of accidental spillage onto skin, wash off immediately with soap and water.

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Small Dogs up to 4kg (3pcs x 0.4ml), Medium Dogs 4kg to 10kg (3pcs x 1.0ml), Large Dogs 10kg to 25kg (3pcs x 2.5ml), X-Large Dogs 25kg to 40kg (3pcs x 2.5ml)


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