DoggyPotion Fresh Shampoo


Outdoor enthusiast.

FRESH removes allergens, deep cleanses and deodorizes your pet with a refreshing scent of apple orchard with a tinge of peach.

Veterinarians Recommended:
Concentrated colloidal oatmeal (20%) combats skin irritations, promotes healing, and re-moisturizes sensitive, dry skin.

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1. Biotin properties relieve and restore moisture to dry and itchy skin.
2. Infused with various natural extracts and vitamin A, E, B5, omega 3 & 6.
3. Aims to improve the coat condition and make your pet’s coat soft, plush, and tangle-free.

Product comes in 500ml.

Additional Information
This product contains no soap, DEA, and is paraben and SLS/SLES free.
98% Natural. Safe for animals over 6 weeks old and does not cause eye irritation. โ€‹
Recommended for normal skin dogs that needs to stay FRESH longer, due to their activities and environment.
Most effective when used together with F R E S H Spray.


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