Els Pet Elevated Dog Bowl (Black)


Improve Eating Posture With 3 Adjustable Height Setup
Durable Anti-Rust High Quality Stainless Steel Bowl
Clean Fuss-Free With It’s Removable Design
Anti-Slip Design For Maximum Comfort
Suitable For Both Dogs & Cats
Suitable For Different Pet’s Sizes
Black Color

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One of the most traumatized injury for your pet is neck and back pain! Some of these injuries occured during mealtime eating. This can be easily avoided by using ELSPET Raised Pet Elevated Adjustable Stainless Steel Pet Bowl suitable for both dogs and cats. It comes with 3 adjustable height setup suitable for different size pets.

By adjusting the height of the Elspet raised pet elevated adjustable stainless steel pet bowl, it allows your pet to eat comfortably without exerting extra pressure on it’s neck and back.

Comes in three different setups to suit the needs of your pet. Choose the setup that fits your pet’s needs and give them the best dining experience possible.

Comes with two stainless steel double bowl that is rust-resistant and very durable. Making maintenance fuss-free and easy for cleaning.

Can be washed directly to prevent bacterial growth. Once washed, the residue will not remain.


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