Elspet Float Water Bowl Pink


No Spill โ€“ Say Goodbye To Frequent Mopping
Easy to Assemble
Suitable for dogs and cats
Multi-purpose – can be used as a food bowl
Ergonomically designed for comfortable drinking
Available in 4 Colors

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ELSPET No Splash Pet Water Bowl is an anti-splash pet water bowl suitable for all dogs and cats. Say goodbye to messy floor and frequent mopping with this invention. With a gentle touch, the cat & dog bowl will release water to fill up the pet bowl due to buoyancy design. Able to store up to 1500ml of water.

Easy to Assemble

Pour water into the bowl.
Put the floating disk into the bowl.
Install the border to the bowl.
Press the floating disk slightly to enjoy water.

No Spill โ€“ Say Goodbye

to Frequent Mopping

When a dog drinks water, its wet mouth can cause the hair around its mouth to become yellow and appear unclean.
When a cat’s whiskers become wet, they may not function properly, and this can lead to the cat feeling disoriented or unbalanced.
Spilled water can damage a floor and often requires mopping to clean it up.
Drinking water can cause a dog’s face to become wet, which can increase the risk of developing skin diseases like eczema.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, the ELSPET No Splash Pet Water Bowl is the perfect solution for all your pet water needs.

With its splash-proof strip design, the ELSPET No Splash Pet Water Bowl ensures that there is no water leakage even when shaken, making it suitable for use in a variety of vehicle environments.
With its multi-purpose design, this bowl can be used as a food bowl as well, making it a convenient and practical addition to any pet owner’s collection.

Curved water bowl, fitting the dog’s oral structure. More in line with the dog’s natural drinking style

Anti-slip mat at the bottom four corners. Pet drinking water is more stable.

Aselection of high quality ABS materials for durability, and craftsmanship.



600 g

1.5 Litres


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