KittyPotion CatNip Waterless Cleansing


CATNIP Waterless Cleansing

Gentle face and body wash infused with natural catnip extract to help clean the coat without water, works like a Dry Shampoo!

The mild formula for sensitive skin contains amino acids, barley extract, aloe vera, and catnip extract to help moisturize and soothe the skin, repair skin cells, neutralize bad smells and give the coat a fresh and a well-cared-for appearance

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1. Contains catnip water with sweet herbaceous aroma to stimulate senses.
2. The aroma induces calmness and quiet happiness, while, in dogs the aroma helps to reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.
3. Catnip is also a natural conditioner that helps moisturize the hair and improve hair texture leaving it smooth and noticeably soft.
4. It also has anti-inflammatory and natural repellent quality making it perfect to keep bugs away and alleviate irritation from bug stings.
5. Suitable for frequent use for Cats with sensitive skin.

Product comes in 150ml.


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