Non-stop Dogwear White Fish Omega-3


Fish oil for dogs, based on pure oil from white deep-water fish. This supplement can have a positive health effect on the dog’s coat, claws, skin, paws, joints and organs.


Non-stop dogwear White fish omega-3 is an additive-free product based on pure oil from white deep water fish. We use this oil (18/12 oil) because of the high level of omega-3, especially the two essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. The omega-3 level in fish is dependent on its diet, as the fish does not produce much itself. Wild fish eat what is natural for a fish to eat, resulting in high levels of EPA and DHA. White fish oil does not discolor the dog’s fur, as one can experience with omega-3 based on red fish.

The oil is drained and tested in Norway to ensure high quality and to make sure that the dog gets a fresh product that is not rancid. The draining process is done in a way that ensures freshness. It has been documented through research that a high level of both EPA and DHA can have a positive effect on the heart*, while a high level of DHA has a positive effect on sight and the brain**. This is why it is important to make sure that the dog gets omega-3 regularly. Other effects omega-3 can have for the dog is a smoother coat, healthier skin, stronger claws, paws and joints. It can also be anti-inflammatory.

We have made our White fish omega-3 in two sizes so that we have products for both big and small dogs. We use a pump bottle so that you can easily know how much to give to the dog without having to measure with an external measuring object.

* EPA and DHA contributes to normal function of the heart The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily intake of 250 mg EPA and DHA.

** DHA contributes to maintaining normal brain function and healthy sight. The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily intake of 250 mg DHA.

***The contents we refer to are based on the content declaration from a selection of products in the market. Reservations are made that other products may have different values.

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